Project SV PU Teambuilding Competition

Klawf + DD Zard

:Klawf: :Charizard: :Swanna: :Morpeko: :Weezing: :Appletun:

With all the cool new mons in the tier, here's a team that isn't built around any of them and is instead built around dragon dance zard, mostly because I thought it would be fun to play around with.
Klawf was originally on here because I wanted to mess around with assault vest before I realized "oh crap I need a rocker" and I just turned it into a rocker. Honestly klawf is still pretty good after the drops, rock resists are kinda few and far between and rock weak mons are plentiful, and resisting flying is a big plus with how few flying resists we have. 84 speed outspeeds articuno and cramorant and you always OHKO cuno outside of snow with stone edge and usually ohko cram. You also aren't really threatened by cryogonal and OHKO it and while swanna scares you you always survive a surf/liquidation from full and ohko it in return, so its pretty good at keeping hazards up against a lot of common removers. Knock is also really good as always.

Even with all the drops zard is STILL a top mon. Dragon dance zard seems pretty rare now, although thats arguably to its benefit since the surprise factor can make it easier to set up on people expecting a more standard offensive zard. Zard in general matches up well against a lot of top mons and can force switches pretty well letting you set up dragon dances, you beat the common hazers, and outspeed common scarfers at +1. Needing to rely on flare blitz for stab sucks but it's a decent wincon.

Swanna is a pretty good offensive pivot with its speed and stab combo that gets stuff like peko in safely. It forces switches pretty well which lets it defog safely. Cuno and cryogonal are really annoying for it but you can flip turn on the switch into klawf against them (or just flip turn while cuno is already in since you're faster).

Scarf peko is pretty fun and can potentially clean up games with tera dark + aura wheel. The bulk is downright atrocious so its usually coming in after something dies or off a swanna flip turn, but when its in its pretty scary, aura wheel is a cracked move and knock off is nice for forcing progress. Rapid spin lets you sometimes capitalize on a switch with hazard removal but it can easily be swapped out for like seed bomb or something its not particularly important.

I don't need to explain why weezing is on here why wouldn't weezing be on here. Flamethrower smacks the occasional steel who thinks they can switch into you for free and clear smog stops set up attempts. Mons extremely good what else do I need to say.

Appletun is a great special wall who forms a nice defensive core with weezing. The passive recovery from leech seed and leftovers alone can make it hard to take down while apple acid can actually wear down opposing mons pretty fast. Draco meteor does a surprising amount of damage even with minimal investment and with tera steel you can just sit on some teams.
Bossturn 2.0
:Mabosstiff: - :Farigiraf: - :Braviary: - :Samurott: - :Weezing: - :Sandslash:
I built this team around the idea of positioning :Mabosstiff: so that the enemy has to choose between letting something die or trying to bring something in and taking huge damage. Banded Boss is also very reasonable but I felt like scarf puts more pressure on the opponent to actually switch things like :Tauros-Paldea-Combat: and scarf :Medicham: instead of getting caught in an awkward position where you're the one that has to switch. Lastly, if you're stuck in a position where there's a mon that threatens to blow holes in your team like :Perrserker: you can just click destiny bond to take it out of the equation early.

:Braviary: - :Samurott:
I knew I wanted to use :Braviary: and :Samurott: as my voltturn core. Bravi is just a mon that can put down enormous pressure. It is a little slow but it more than makes up for it with raw power. Samurott is similarly a little slower than you'd like, but the threat of taking strong special or physical moves makes it worth it in my opinion. Because my turn core is a little bit slow I realized that I needed to invest more heavily into having bulk in the back which is why I made some of the swaps that I did. Overall I think the coverage these two provide is pretty insane, but one of the main things they really struggle to hit is fast electric types which is why I gave samu tera ground.

I ended up kind of mixing my turn + boss idea with future sight :Farigiraf: to make the enemy even more uncomfortable. I really like this set, it utilizes protect very effectively and kind of acts as the primary glue mon that has both offensive and defensive pressure.

:Weezing: - :Sandslash:
I was trying to decide what other turners to add in but it actually seemed like Bravi + Samu was enough so I opted to mix in some spikes and fill out my defensive backbone by adding the all powerful :Weezing: as well as :Sandslash: so that I can keep hazards off my side of the field. I decided on defensive slash because it still hits surprisingly hard with minimal offensive investment, and I really just needed something that can switch into whatever physical mons weezing couldn't handle.

Cuts :Magcargo: - :Probopass:
Originally I had I think :Magcargo: over :Sandslash: as a rocks setter but I really wanted to use my tera on :Farigiraf: or :Mabosstiff: so I cut it for something less resource dependant. I also had :probopass: in mind as a slow volter over :Weezing: but I was just too weak to fighting with all the rock/dark types so I decided pretty quickly I needed to replace it with something that added more pressure.
(Hyper?) Offense Webs + Veil

:abomasnow: :poliwrath: :masquerain: :raichu-alola: :tauros: :charizard:

I made this team originally trying to utilize Grotle in the tier, but I soon realized that it simply doesn't work very well. I also originally had Naclstack on the team, but after some suggestions from guys in the PU chat on Showdown, I made some adjustments in adding Tauros and Charizard (the former also allowing for the 3 New Mons aspect of this week's competition :abomasnow: :poliwrath: :tauros:).

As for the team itself, the main idea is having mons that can break some holes within the opposing team to allow the remaining, hard-hitting threats to finish the sweep (if the member didn't sweep already). There's a relative mix of Physical and Special attackers to provide a decent balance in terms of threats - i.e. not being easily stopped by Chansey or Weezing.


Here's a brief description of each member:

Sets up Veil, but also provides decent mixed potential with Blizzard and Wood Hammer. It's also the most defensive mon on the team, EVd into HP and SpD to give it great bulk alongside the Hail defense boost. Leech Seed provides for healing for itself, but mostly for the other mons on the team to even better support their set up or attacking potential.

The biggest set up sweeper, given the right circumstances with Belly Drum even allowing for Liquidation to nearly KO a fully healthy Weezing (with Tera Dark Knock Off providing an instant KO, given they don't have their own Tera to block it). Sitrus Berry is to provide extra longevity for a sweep. Water Absorb is to almost entirely block Basculin, given Abomasnow can stop opposing weather easily and Damp is well...Damp lol. Tera Dark is not only to boost Knock Off and avoid opposing Super Effective Hits, but to stop :Sableye: from doing a priority Will-O-Wisp or Encore.

Another set up sweeper, with Air Slash and Bug Buzz providing surprisingly good coverage for the tier and able to hit hard given it gets off QDs. Sticky Web is discussed a bit further in the overall strengths. Masq also has a moderate defensive presence in having Intimidate to slow down Special Attackers. Tera Ground is to resist Masq's common weaknesses, alongside Volt Switch. If one wants more power or more coverage, they could easily replace Air Slash with Hurricane, and Sticky Web with Tera Blast.

Incredibly fast and incredibly strong with Nasty Plot, Alolan-Raichu provides another great SpA threat. Thunderbolt and Psychic provide decent coverage, with Volt Switch dealing great damage while also providing easy pivoting in case of switches. Tera Electric is for even more power to provide for wallbreaking. Admittedly, it's super weak to priority and being chipped down, not making it the most ideal sweeper - i.e. wallbreaking is best for it.

Just a generally great Physical attacker that doesn't require set up given how hard Sheer Force Life Orb hits, and just as fast as Raichu-A. Tera Ghost is self-explanatory in stopping Fighting Type moves. Body Slam and Close Combat are as well in being STAB and coverage for Steels. Iron Head is mainly for Carbink, but also a 100% accurate move for Ghosts. Rock Slide is mainly for opposing Charizards or Flying Types, but it also gets past :houndstone:'s Fluffy in not being a contact move. Ideally one shouldn't have Tauros in with Houndstone, given it can easily Will-O-Wisp to cripple Tauros, but if it's heavily chipped, Rock Slide is a decent finisher.

A generally well-rounded mon that admittedly could be easily replaced. However, I felt Charizard helped fill in a few holes alongside providing another Special Attacker. Its main support is with Fire Blast to more easily blow past Steels and Fluffy Houndstone, while also blocking Will-O-Wisp. Tera Ground is much like Masquerain in providing defense, but I felt as if Charizard better needed the ground coverage to deal with Electrics. Dragon Tail is to prevent set up attempts. One could easily switch out Air Slash for Hurricane if one wants more damage, and Dragon Tail for Roar if they want to give up the slight Chip in order to not be blocked by the potential Tera Fairy Farigiraf set up sets.


Overall, I'd say the wall breaking potential is quite strong, with Veil and Webs not entirely needed for a sweep or wall breaking, but being very helpful nonetheless. Veil helps in providing opportunities for set up, while Webs is very helpful in general for either breaking speed ties, denying Trailblaze setup, or denying normally faster mons.

I'd say the main, general weakness in the team are hazards: Toxic Spikes and opposing Webs being the biggest (i.e. :Whiscash:, :Weezing:, :Masquerain:). There are Heavy Duty Boots on three of the members admittedly (mostly to stop Stealth Rocks), but even then, having to switch once Hazards are up with no removal leads to the remaining mons quickly getting chipped down - either preventing Belly Drum (Poliwrath), getting fewer attacks with Life Orb (Raichu + CC on Tauros), or becoming more vulnerable to priority. Not having damaging hazards in return is another issue, though I felt it hard to fit a Stealth Rocker nor 100% necessary with Boots still in this gen ofc lol.

A few mons can also be or simply become troublesome such as:

:rotom-frost: Scarf

Not being grounded to stop Sticky Webs, being able to pivot out of threats with Volt Switch, not being chipped by Stealth Rocks, and able to take advantage of Snow in having perfectly accurate Blizzards makes this quite the large threat. That said, there are options such as Teraing with Charizard or Masq on a Volt Switch for a KO or Set Up, Teraing with Poliwrath to survive an Electric attack and ideally Knock Off its Scarf, taking a non Volt Switch hit with Tauros and KO it back (if Tauros is in), or Leech Seeding or Wood Hammering Aboma for gradual chip. There are several answers to it, but it's a threat nonetheless.


Despite having many Physical Attacks on the team, if the Physical Attackers are taken out or Burned, Chansey can become a real problem with its Special Bulk mostly Walling the other mons. Raichu can take out a chipped Chansey granted it can set up a Nasty Plot, as can Masq given enough Quiver Dances, but those admittedly aren't the best answers. Knocking off its Eviolite with Poliwrath would be ideal, if not taking it out entirely.

There are other threats aside from these two, but those moreso come down to opposing Team Structures and playing the game right rather than a specific Mon.

Hope you all enjoy what I brought :)
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I forgot about this so last minute submission that definitely just a random team that I built without this in mind!
Phione Grassy Terrain
(click sprites for pokepaste)
The first three slots were pretty obvious to add.
:phione:Like many other people, I wanted to use Phione successfully. However, a large problem for it is 4MSS, between Take Heart/Acid Armor/Scald/Rest/Sleep Talk/Coverage. So I found another way to boost its defense, via Grassy Seed. Now it has room for all its moves besides coverage! The Speed EVs lets it reach 220, and while I considered going faster to something like 230 or 233, I figured it would overall need the bulk more.
:thwackey:Well...Grassy Terrain. Only note here would be that it was originally HDB but later on changed to CB since I felt the team needed a little extra immediate power.
:farigiraf:Well...Grassy Terrain.

I switched through options for the last three slots, meant to be moreso glue than Terrain abusers.
:morpeko:An overall amazing mon, and its movepool goes really well with the sweepers. Rapid Spin kinda helps makes up for the sweepers holding Grassy Seed instead of HDB, Parting Shot can give them setup opportunities, and Knock Off is Knock Off. Also taking less from EQ was really nice.
:tauros-paldea-combat:Just your average common scarfer. Main notes being that I ran Tera Ground for a Voltblocker with High Horsepower (as opposed to EQ) to not be weakened by GTerrain.
:weezing:IDK, it just does Weezing stuff. Running Neutralizing Gas also let it recover from GTerrain while taking less from EQ so somewhat help with the lack of Levitate's immunity.

TL;DR Pokemon plz give Phione Draining Kiss.
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We've got some really cool teams to vote on! Thank you to all that participated! Let's see who comes out on top.

Klawf + DD Zard by Morge :Klawf: :Charizard: :Swanna: :Morpeko: :Weezing: :Appletun:
Bossturn 2.0 by waterfals :Mabosstiff: - :Farigiraf: - :Braviary: - :Samurott: - :Weezing: - :Sandslash:
Hyper Offense Webs + Veil by Creeperman129 :abomasnow: :poliwrath: :masquerain: :raichu-alola: :tauros: :charizard:
Phione Grassy Terrain by UberSkitty :phione::thwackey::farigiraf::morpeko::tauros-paldea-combat::weezing:

With 4 entries, we will be voting on 2 teams this time. Please cast your vote by simply putting down the team name, for example I would put:

"Team 17, Team 82"

Voting ends Sunday, October 15th @ 11:59 PM GMT -4.


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Apologies for the delay! We have a 3-way tie between Morge waterfals and UberSkitty !!! Congratulations you all and thank you to everyone that participated in building and voting.

For this next week, let's go with a fun one! You must create a team with 3 pairs of 2 Pokemon that have the same type (i..e. 2 Fire-types, 2 Grass-types, 2 Water-types).

Teams will be due by Tuesday, October 24th @ 11:59 PM GMT -4. Have fun with it and good luck to everyone!
Just wanted to double check before I pretend to start building, there is no double dipping (pairing Pyroar with a normal and a fire type to open up a team slot) because that breaks the 3 pairs of 2, and my pairs have to have only one type that overlaps (meaning I can pair a Charizard and a Swanna), right?


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Just wanted to double check before I pretend to start building, there is no double dipping (pairing Pyroar with a normal and a fire type to open up a team slot) because that breaks the 3 pairs of 2, and my pairs have to have only one type that overlaps (meaning I can pair a Charizard and a Swanna), right?
PFFT (Poison/Flying/Fighting Tauros) Balance

I'm back. This week I looked at the builder, picked 6 mons, and managed to get a fresh account the suspect requirements without benching a single mon along the way. Although, I did make some smaller adjustments to movesets and EV's, and overall the team definitely has some weaknesses that I was just lucky not to run into on ladder during my run(looking at you :raichu-alola:).

The recurring types I went with are 2xPoison, 2xFighting, and of course 2xFlying. I wanted to build a balance team that looks different from the current meta. I did end up with :swanna:/:articuno: which is probably one of the more standard duos, but I thought pairing :haunter: with a poison instead of Ghost and :medicham: with a Fighting instead of Psychic could be interesting.

Articuno was Co-MVP (most valuable pokemon) along with Pauros. I wasn't sold that Articuno could be a top 3 mon in this tier, I thought top 5 was as high as I could put it, but no, I was wrong. This thing is very clearly top 3, maybe even top 2. It just switches in to so many things with ease, and can flip the momentum of the game when paired with powerful breakers like :Tauros: or :Medicham:. I was inspired by rien in making my Articuno tera Dragon instead of the tera Ground I had been defaulting to because being able to slow down :charizard:, :raichu:, and :pyroar: looked valuable on this team. I also thought dropping the IV's to always move after other Articuno's was a cool tech so I borrowed that as well, and I even dropped another IV just in case anyone else had the same idea.

While Articuno was MVP, Swanna was very clearly the LVP(least valuable pokemon). I had Hurricane in place of Air Slash for far too long and it got a little more reliable when I finally swapped those. But overall it's kind of a Defog and pivot bot. I will say it's very useful into :masquerain: leads and the speed tier is of course very nice. I'm running 248 speed EV's to slow flip turn on other Swannas but also to make sure I still outspeed non-Scarf :morpeko:. I could see replacing Swanna with something that offers more, but at the same time not every mon can be a star, and it held up pretty well during my run.

Medi is running the standard Scarf set. I did try out different tera types during my run, Fairy/Fire/Dark to be specific, and fire seemed the best offensively being able to hit houndstone as well as 2hkoing :sableye:/:spiritomb:. The downside is you take 2x rocks damage for the rest of the game, and your defensive typing is just worse overall. I never really wanted to click tera Dark, and Fairy is good, but I really struggled against :houndstone: with the tera Fairy setup. I won't give my opinion here on whether it should be banned or not, but I will say you can straight up abuse certain pokemon every time they hit the field if you plan ahead. Anything that invites Articuno in and doesn't respect the slow-turn into Medi line essentially loses its team a pokemon for free. I had multiple games where everytime something like :Cryogonal: came in I essentially took a mon off the board.

I'm sure some people are surprised to see Skuntank, but it's still a very strong option as an anti-lead and Knock spreader. First, I think this mon is underrated by the public, but I know it is high on the VR list so it's not like it being good is a secret. Skuntank is very good at being a pseudo-tank and while putting out big damage, and at the same time it doesn't really care too much about eating a Knock-Off or Will-O-Wisp on switch in either. I used Skunk to slow down games quite often by switching it in on :weezing:. Being able to drop T-Spikes on the opposing poison type mon while not being horribly bothered with what they can dish out is very useful for forcing progress against slower teams. And sure they can just pivot out and back in but this team abuses bad rotations, so forcing the opponent into patterns gives me great opportunities to get in Haunter and Medicham to delete things. Skunk is actually where this team started, I wanted a fast taunter which gave me Pyroar and Skuntank, but Pyroar was too flimsy for what I had in my head, so I settled on Skunk. I dropped some speed EV's to still outspeed base 82's, mainly :lycanroc-midnight:, but also so that I could get a little extra bulk against :Appletun: and Haunter. I also don't know if tera Dark is the best for Skunk, but I didn't tera this mon a single time in 49 games.

Now we get to the two more interesting sets. Specs Haunter is obviously not some insane tech, but paired with Scarf Medi I thought that maybe I could make a really scary offensive core. I knew I didn't want to run Trick very early on because D-Gleam is needed for the Dark/Ghost duo to make way for Medi, and F-Blast is needed for :probopass: and some of the bulkier Normal types. Haunter was my main way of breaking a lot of otherwise pesky mons like Appletun and tera Ghost :naclstack:. the 317 speed tier is definitely not ideal, but I managed to play around the weakness pretty well.

The most interesting set on this team for sure. I was looking for a defensive anchor, and I realized none of the physdef mons really have a lot of recovery. Poliwrath is interesting but its Water typing leaves it vulnerable to Morpeko. Naclstack quite literally gets Recover but it has to avoid getting Knocked, and its typing makes it susceptible to a lot of the common physical threats. Pauros on the other hand, supports itself via Intimidate, and has a very good typing for matching into a lot of the common breakers. The thing that gave me the most trouble was its cousin :Tauros:, which somehow still does 30% after Intimidate with a Sheer Force boosted Body Slam. Tera Steel provided the extra bulk I needed in certain matchups such as the one I just mentioned, but it has to be used carefully so that you aren't suddenly taking more from other Fighting types than you should be. Pauros can repeatedly switch into the other teams physical threats like :perrserker:, Morpeko, and :sandslash:. This forces the enemy to lean more heavily on their spatk-ers and once you remove those from the game Pauros can come in once and for all and sweep with Bulk Up/Bpress. You run into trouble with removing Sableye and especially Houndstone, but they also cant kill you or cripple you, so you can maneuver around them until you find an opening to remove them. Articuno handles Haunter and Spiritomb quite nicely, only needing to be aware of getting tricked by Haunter. The Psyshock Spiritomb set is also a bit scary, but it's not unmanageable. The extra speed EV's are to outspeed the max invested base 60's, mainly :abomasnow: and :farigiraf:, and you also outspeed some :samurott: sets. You do have to watch out for the Defiant mons, mainly :braviary:, but you can bait a Brave Bird with tera steel if you're in a tough spot.

Final Thoughts:
Overall I definitely struggled with Raichu-A, Charizard/Pyroar, and Houndstone the most. I actually think I learned quite a bit during this run, and I actually hit the highest Elo i've ever reached in PU all in one very long sitting. I recorded most of the run and am planning on releasing a summarized video at some point hopefully soon. That will be posted in the PU media thread whenever I finish editing it. Lastly, I think the meta right now is in a pretty good spot, and that there are a lot of unexplored cores atm, so I hope to see some creative teams posted here!
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so after experimenting a bit with other combos, I came up with this sun build, which is pretty standard for the most part but it allowed me to almost get to the 1500s in a fresh alt. Let's go!

Articuno steals Moltres' secret (s/o to my classical myths girlies)
:sableye: :skuntank: :charizard: :scovillain: :leafeon: :articuno:
Sableye @ Heat Rock
Ability: Prankster
Tera Type: Ground
EVs: 248 HP / 8 Atk / 252 SpD
Careful Nature
- Knock Off
- Sunny Day
- Recover
- Encore

Skuntank @ Heat Rock
Ability: Aftermath
Tera Type: Ghost
EVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Sunny Day
- Toxic Spikes
- Taunt
- Memento

Charizard @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Solar Power
Tera Type: Fire
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Weather Ball
- Dragon Pulse
- Solar Beam
- Focus Blast

Scovillain @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Chlorophyll
Tera Type: Rock
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Flamethrower
- Solar Beam
- Growth
- Tera Blast

Leafeon @ Lum Berry
Ability: Chlorophyll
Tera Type: Fire
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Solar Blade
- Tera Blast
- Swords Dance
- Synthesis

Prometheus (Articuno) @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Pressure
Tera Type: Fire
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Ice Beam
- Freeze-Dry
- Weather Ball
- U-turn

:sableye: The mandatory Prankster weather setter of the team. It is a pretty standard weather setter Sab: knock to get rid of items and chip, recover to stay healthy, sunny day to... (I forgot why I had sunny day omg so embarrassing...), and encore over taunt or wow just for negating set-up mons or locking mons in a move in particular situations so they knock you out and you can bring your sweepers and either force a switch or set up yourself for free. I chose to go fully spdef bc most of our walls now are special so you can come in and abuse them freely + some of these knock off mons cannot really touch you outside of knock and, once you don't have an item, they aren't doing much dmg back. Heat Rock because, now that we are entering fall season, Sab needs to stay warm and comfy. Tera Ground honestly is there just to be able to survive a hit if you need to get sun up, but it could be another type too. I almost never tera'd it.

:skuntank: the other sun setter. Taunt is lovely for shutting down opposing mons' hazards and annoying set-up/status, but especially the former since I do not have hazard removers in this team bc my plants have to go pretty fast, okay? Toxic Spikes is there to chip mons a bit and force the opp into going for removal/poison types if they can't afford to get poisoned. Sunny Day to avoid getting your clothes wet and Memento to pivot immediately and safely to one of our sun abusers. It is quite good to be able to set up almost freely or at least a bit more safely. Same as Sab with the Tera type.

:charizard: now we can get to business. I opted for scarf bc you can be pretty fast but also pretty threatening as well. Of course, hdbless zard sucks but honestly, you can avoid rocks bc there are less rocks in the meta overall and also thanks to taunt; even if you can avoid them, it honestly can still make process even if it can only come in once. Weather Ball as our main stab is a nice returning move thanks to DLC; ngl, I sometimes wished I had Flamethrower so you could swap it if you wish so. Focus Blast is for a nice coverage that can ohko a lot of mons but is especially useful for probo. Solar Beam for water/rock/ground types and is accurate, unlike FB. I first went with Air Slash but Dragon Pulse has proved to be more useful in dealing with those annoying Tera Dragon mons like Articuno or Dachsbun, which are quite annoying for the team otherwise. Tera Fire to extra cook mons. Zard's hp number is naturally odd so no need for 4 HP EVs or 30 IVs.

:scovillain: pretty standard set. Flamethrower and Solar Beam as your main STAB; TB Rock to deal with Fire types and random Tera Dragons that are not Tera Articuno or Regular Appletun (worth noticing that you 2hko zard at +2). Growth obvi there to set up and sweep up. You could run giga drain for longevity but I'd recommend against it since this thing's defenses are non-existent and you'd rather kill directly than "trying" to stay healthy (which is why we go boots rather than any other item; charcoal could be fine tho!)

:leafeon: my personal favourite sun Leafeon. Solar Blade and Tera Blast Fire are a great combo overall. SD gets you to crazy dmg and synthesis does make a bit more sense in a mon with a defence like Leafeon's. Lum Berry is amazing for setting up while you ignore status and can cleanly sweep. Pretty good mon although it hates being out of sun or if someone else has tera'd.

:articuno: Prometheus is the odd one out of the group, ik. Ice is particularly great for dealing with the increasing amount of Dragon-types going around, namely Appletun and Tera Dragon Arti/Dach/Sandlash, etc. Ice Beam is there as your main STAB (i got sick of tera dragon cuno, I'll admit it), along with Freeze Dry. I first had Air Slash, but FD is honestly better to cover for those annoying water types that, outside of sun, you cannot really hit lol. Then we get to the team's namesake and why I chose it really. Weather Ball under sun is a cheeky move almost no one will be expecting. Tera Fire even allows you to ohko AV Perrserker, cleanly 2hko Articuno, Cryogonal, and Tinkatuff! It probs too does wonders to other random steel teras that can come up in ladder (e.g. the occasional Tera Steel Gurdurr). U-Turn works well to pivot around although you could go roost or even air slash if you wish. Sometimes this mon, depending on the mu, is really just there as a sack to get in safely your sweepers and start making progress. However, it has been performing surprisingly well under this rather strange weather condition for it.

As my final thoughts, I will say this team struggles a bit with Appletun (which could be mended a bit by using Air Slash in either zard or cuno, you pick), Pyroar/Zard (mostly if they get to abuse the sun), and Abomasnow (basically coming in and removing sun by doing nothing); it can sometimes be a little overwhelmed by hazards if you are not careful. I could also say getting the right lead is key for this kind of team as it can mean preventing hazards or not getting the right momentum and progressively losing mons like dominoes. It is a pretty fun team that showed me sun is a little less good now that we live in a meta with Abomasnow but that can still pack the absolute shit of some teams, even the fattest stall builds.
So 3 pairs of different types are needed so I decided to do a normal, water, and flying mono flying team.

:Braviary: is the scarfer for the team. It is here to clean up and help the team against the base 100 and above speed pokemon.
:Noctowl: while it is not the strongest pokemon, if setup it can do a lot of damage to the opponent with its Tinted Lens boosted attacks. I just did tera normal because I don't want my boosted hurricanes to miss.
:Masquerain: is here to quiver dance and attempt to sweep. I did tera ground because this team is very weak to electric and rock if you can't tell, but tera dark could be good for :sableye: and other prankster pokemon.
:Rotom-Fan: it just sets up its substitute on passive pokemon and sets up with nasty plot.
:Cramorant: is here to do chip with gulp missile and for some bulk on the team. You could add defog to remove rocks for :Braviary: and :Swanna:
:Swanna: is with a choice band is just because I wanted to use a choice band. Its pretty strong dealing a decent chunk to some bulky physical pokemon.

Final Thoughts
I just kind of threw this team together because I wanted a monotype team that still fit into the team building comps conditions and the flying type could do it while not using a lot of "weak" pokemon. This team has gotten wins but will struggle against very fast teams or teams with a lot of types that flying is weak to because of how frail the team is. I hope you've at least enjoy the team.

Replays of some wins


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Quadruple Psychic???
(But actually Psychic+Electric+Normal)
(click sprites for pokepaste)

I found this challenge to be a great opportunity to use a core I came up with a while ago but didn't get the chance to use, that being triple Psychic-types with Indeedee-F and two Psychic Terrain sweepers, ultimately Veluza and Medicham. I found this fun to build around since I could make the next mon pair with any of their secondary typings while the remaining 2 qualified as a pair of Psychic-types.
Yeah, we all know this mon is p eh rn, but that was all the more reason to try it out! I originally used an offensive spread, but after little success I changed it to the current bulky spread, similar to what I've used in the past for terrain teams. The Speed lets Veluza outspeed Dugtrio at +2 and the rest is just shoved into HP and Def. But the real fun part is getting to use Lax nature, since, in theory, Psychic Seed would "cancel out" the lower SpDef, allowing Veluza to be bulky on both ends while still being a mixed attacker. Here's a replay of it actually pulling off a sweep:
[Gen 9] PU replay: Penter vs. UberSkitty - Pokémon Showdown (
I mean, you kinda need this mon on Psychic Terrain teams. Just went with its usually Scarf set, nothing really changing from the beginning. Although, looking back, it could probably also run an item like Terrain Extender without much loss with there being another Scarfer on the team.
Was originally a setup mon, with Psychic Seed+BU. However, I eventually decided to change it to Scarf, and later on Band, to be able to spam Zen Headbutt while boosted by the Terrain. Medicham also has the added bonus of creating mind games and potentially lure in the Dark-types and bop them with CC. While Bullet Punch may be odd on Psychic Terrain, I've found that it's useful to have in the back since the terrain won't always be up.
Technically the last mon added to the team, but I'm going off the order of the pokepaste. Having added Morpeko at this point, I needed another Dark- or Electric-type. While another Dark-type would have helped with some of Psychic-types' weaknesses, who could resist adding a fourth Psychic-type? Not me. Alolachu was originally Specs, but Changed it to Scarf so I could outspeed +1 Morpeko, this being when I changed Medicham from Scarf to Band. As much as a like Encore on Scarf Alolachu, I went with Tera Blast+Tera Ground to give me a spinblocker and coverage for Morpeko.
Pairing with Indeedee-F as a Normal-type, I originally added Braviary cuz I felt I haven't used it enough. It was originally using Roost+2 attacks+U-turn or Defog, but I was recommended to use this Psychic Seed+BU set. Can say with confidence that it's a good set.
Besides this mon is just very easy to slap onto a team. a lot of the other hazard removal options just didn't fit in well. Mono-types like Sandslash and Cryogonal were notably hard to find type-matching partners for, while others just didn't fit in. Morpeko, on top of being an offensive beast, offers solid support for the sweepers between Parting Shot and Knock Off. Its Dark-typing also helps with some of Psychic's weaknesses.

quadruple psychic seems much less cool following a mono flying team ;-;

nada e ninguem

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Water + Dark + Ice + Nuclear

This team already had a good record when I used Tauros over Samurott (and a while ago, Persian-a over Honchkrow). Looking at it I realized it was 1 mon alway to make it fit this week criteria so i've gone for it and it actually seems like it got better, as Samurott is a valuable check to Charizard and it's overall bulk helps a lot along the way. The idea of the team is very simple; set up aurora veil and go nuclear, every mon has means to setup and finish the opponent. Usually the only situation where it's valuable to be conservative with Abomasnow is against another weather.

Scary good pokemon under veil, able to outspeed the great majority of scarfers after fillet away and finding plenty of opportunities to do so under veil. Physical because lots of times i don't even need to fillet away, as the opponent is too scared of the possibility and we can just chip along the way. Dark to avoid encore prankster and boost night slash, which can be valuable against Houndstone for example.

It's crazy how bulky it is behind veil and how many times it gets under torrent and smash specially more offensive teams. Very unohkoable mon that if you don't pay attention can clean entire teams. But is also the weakest link of the team. I feel like Poliwrath and Farigiraf would work well also under this spot. Tera dark to avoid pranksters and gain one more boost under this opportunity and also boost knock off. For the team structure i've found sacred sword more valuable than liquidation or megahorn, but that can also be changed.

Honchkrow make a very good voltturn core with Frostom, hits really hard with Brave Bird, with or without tera and is a real threat as a late game cleaner snowballing whole weakened teams.

Spiritomb encompasses various roles under this team. It's the main Medicham check; a very good late game cleaner and a very useful disaster recovery when someone boosts it's speed too much. it hits really hard after one or two nasty plots, takes advantage of immunity to prankster, normal and fighting moves and also ignore subs. A crucial piece that saved me many times. Tera steel to resist fairy and keep resisting psychic which is very important given Farigiraf prominence.

The pokemon that takes the most advantage of hail. It can setup a lot easier with hail boost on it's defense and even more with Veil. Hits really hard with an unresisted bolt blizzard combo and doesn't risk to miss blizzard that often. Tera ghost comes handy after Abomasnow is gone and you want to avoid fighting moves.

I'm a believer that the sole presence of this mon on any team can make it better. Very good coverage, a free 4th slot for aurora veil and almost automatically invalidates rain, which is the terror of HO. For this team it works with the purpose of setting veil and being a very useful electric resist. Tera ground boosts earth power and makes it avoid some useful KOs and KO back (like Pyroar, perrseker and Skuntank).

(I guess I'm too late but posting anyway)
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Woooo! Lotta fun teams to vote on for this round! Thank you to everyone who took the time to make a team!

PFFT (Poison/Flying/Fighting Tauros) Balance by waterfals :Skuntank::Haunter::Articuno::Tauros-Paldea-Combat::Medicham::Swanna:
Dark, Grass, Flying by A Musician Chatot :sableye: :skuntank: :charizard: :scovillain: :leafeon: :articuno:
Normal, Water, Flying by Kython :Braviary::Noctowl::Masquerain::Rotom-Fan::Cramorant::Swanna:
Psychic, Electric, Normal (Quad Psychics) by UberSkitty :veluza::indeedee-f::medicham::raichu-alola::braviary::morpeko:
Water, Dark, Ice by Kyuss :veluza::samurott::honchkrow::spiritomb::rotom-frost::abomasnow:

With 5 entries, we will be voting on 3 teams this time. Please cast your vote by simply putting down the team name, for example I would put:

"Team 17, Team 82"

Voting ends Wednesday, November 2nd @ 11:59 PM GMT -4.
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